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Elizabeth Corva hand-wrote her first story in 9th grade – a 10-page fanfic about her best friend engaging in a few PG-13 antics with David Lee Roth while stranded in Tahiti during a storm. More classmates asked for their own personalized stories, setting the stage for a lifelong love of writing books about wild guys with good hearts.

Elizabeth went the indie author route and self-published the first three books of the Angel Interceptor series in 2013 – 2014 (Book #1 – A Million Miles Away, Book #2 – Give Into The Night, Book #2.5 – Heaven in You). Book #3 was supposed to follow in 2015, but personal events forced her to put the manuscript on hold.

In winter 2022, she finally saved the series from fiction purgatory. Ahead of releasing Book #3 (The Lightning Field) in July 2022, she extensively revised and republished A Million Miles Away .

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Give In To The Night

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Meet the guys in Strange Angels

Jonathan Fox (Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano)

Birthday: August 26th (Virgo)

Height: 6’2″ (and 1/2″!)

Birthplace: Ravenill, Belfast, N. Ireland

Grew up: Nottingham, England

Myers Briggs Personality type: ENTJ

Likes: Vintage sports cars, German shepherds, Ambient/Atmospheric/Post Rock, composing music for films, making plans, Irish/Saxon/Viking historic fiction, Glentoran football team, custom suits

Dislikes: Dance music, having nothing to do, making small talk, American football, disorder, arguing politics